FOSE The Future of Software Engineering Symposium
22-23 November 2010, ETH Zurich

Special event: Eiffel at 25
24 November 2010

The original version of Eiffel was designed in 1985. Since then the Eiffel method, language and supporting tools and libraries have continuously evolved; the current version of the language (ISO standard, 2006) includes a number of radically new concepts such as void safety, agents and conversion, and progress is continuing towards verification techniques and concurrency.

The basic concepts have remained the same, including the central role of Design by Contract, the use of a powerful object-oriented model without compromises, the emphasis on language consistency and simplicity ("one good way to do anything"), the enforcement of strong software engineering principles, and the application of a single notation and set of concepts throughout the lifecycle, from analysis and design to implementation and maintenance ("seamless development").

The special one-day "Eiffel at 25" event is devoted to an examination of the contributions of Eiffel to the progress of software engineering, important applications of the Eiffel approach, its influence on other languages and tools, and future developments of Eiffel.

Location and Dates

The "Eiffel at 25" event will be held as a one-day event at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, on the following date:

  • 24 November 2010

The event follows the main part of the Future of Software Engineering (FOSE) symposium (22-23 November 2010).

To register for the event, please go to the registration page; both standalone and combined registrations with FOSE are possible.